Ukrainian Language Arts

Ukrainian Language Arts courses are offered at Archbishop Jordan to Grades 9-12 students, who have been previously enrolled in the Ukrainian Bilingual Program.  Ukrainian LA 9, 10, 20 and 30 classes provide students the opportunity to continue their Ukrainian language studies, as well as include some cultural elements in the Ukrainian Language Arts programs.

Students in the Ukrainian Bilingual program share their culture with our school community through such activities as "Ukrainian Day at ABJ", Holodomor Famine-Genocide Commemoration prayer service, writing Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanky), International Vyshyvanka Day (Ukrainian embroidered shirts and blouses), a Ukrainian collection of books, encyclopedia and art in the library; the presence of Byzantine rite icons in our chapel as well as the attendance of our Ukrainian rite clergy at religious services throughout the year and Ukrainian Mural artwork in the common area. 

Students successfully completing the courses are prepared to use their Ukrainian language skills in social or business encounters with Ukrainians in Canada and abroad.  They are eager to preserve their Ukrainian heritage and culture through the use of language and the celebration of the many Ukrainian traditions they have experienced over the years.

French Immersion

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