Our Staff


Mrs. Ruth Bernadas-Tymko Principal Gr 12 Administrator Email 780 467 2121 x 1020
Mrs. Fiona Wimmer Grade 11 Administrator Email 780 467 2121 x 1040
Mr. Chad Starko Grade 10 Administrator Email 780 467 2121 x 1010
M. Marc St. Jean Grade 9 Administrator Email 780 467 2121 x 1030


Office Staff & Student Services

Mrs. Kathleen Grondin Secretary 1- Attendance and General Inquiries email 780 467 2121 x 1000
Mrs. Joulien McCullough Secretary 2 - Registrations and Documentation email 780 467 2121 x 1001
Ms. Zena Johnson Secretary 3 - Grades and Report Cards email 780 467 2121 x 1002
Mrs. Wendy Prud'homme Business Manager email 780 467 2121 x 1004
Mrs. Barb DeCecco Accts.Clerk email 780 467 2121 x 1704
Mrs. Nadine Bonsant Library Technician email 780 467 2121 x 1700
Mrs. Charlotte Cowen Family Wellness Worker email 780 467 2121 x 1210
Mrs. Brittany Tames Family Wellness Worker email 780 467 2121 x 1180
Mrs. Sarah Glass Counsellor email 780 467 2121 x 1200
Mrs. Nicole Andersen Counsellor email 780 467 2121 x 1190


Teaching Staff

Amirault, Cori Email
Asselin, Carl Email
Bilyk, Mathew Email 
Bothwell, Rhonda  Email
Boychuk, Marko Email
Boychuk, Vlodomyr  Email 
Chan, John  Email 
Chase, Jill Email
Ciezki, Laurie  Email 
Cote, Melanie Email
Coull, Kennedy Email
Coulombe, Madison Email
Crosbie, Scott Email
Dumont, Kalay Email
Elder, Lukas Email
Evans, Brian Email
Fahlman, Tim Email
Fichter, Lindsay Email
Fitzgerald, Andrea Email
Francis, Taryn Email
Franjic, Vera Email
Gabinet, Justin Email
Gau, Michelle Email
Glass, Sara Email
Grondin, James Email
Hawkesworth, Kate Email
Healey, Elaine Email
Hurtubise, Jeremy Email
Hurtubise, Tracey Email
Jennings, Andrea Email
Joly, Mike Email
Kent, Cole Email
Lakusta, Anita Email
Lueke, Nicole Email
McGhan, Karry Email
Miko, Stacey Email
Mills, Brooklynn Email
Moes, Nevada Email
Montgomery, Erin Email
Nelson, Colleen Email
Nobert, Frank Email
Noonan, Dave Email
Parker, Helena Email
Perozak, Stephan Email
Pilipchuk, Amanda Email
Pope, Michelle Email
Renneberg, Jayleen Email
Rice, Stephen Email
Rocque, Joanne Email
Ryl, Christina Email
Sapiuk, Samantha Email
Schnepper, James Email
Selinger, Michael Email
Siewert, Eliza Email
Smith, Katy Email
St. Jean, Marc - Gr 9 AP Email
Starko, Chad - Gr 10 AP Email
Sych, Mark Email
Tiano, Michelle Email
Tyrkalo, Shelly Email
Tymko, Ruth - Principal Email
Wetzstein, Devon Email
Wimmer, Fiona - Gr 11 AP Email
Zaleschuk, Elaan Email







Educational Assistants & Lab Technician

Bonsant, Nadine Email
Colbert, Marina Email
Dumec, Anna Email
Flanagan, Shannon Email
Kuly, Joanne Email
LaPlante, Kim Email
O'Sullivan, Leigh-Ann Email
Proskow, Melanie Email
Sedani, Cathy (Lab Tech) Email
Senuk, Trinity Email
Slade, Lori Email
Slavych, Mariana Email
Tennant, Tanya Email
Tollefson, Holly Email
Westcott, Jennifer Email
Wilson, Julie Email
Yarmuch, Crystal Email