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Student Learning Support

Archbishop Jordan’s philosophy is to meet the needs of all students and assist them to develop physically, mentally, socially and spiritually in Catholic community living the Gospel value of “Everyone Belongs.” In our school, we follow an inclusive model, where all our students participate in the classroom and the broader school setting. We provide a caring supportive environment for students with behavioral, communication, intellectual, learning and physical challenges. Our students are encouraged to foster an understanding of their strengths, so that they can develop a strong sense of self-worth. In addition, we provide opportunities for all students to participate in school activities so that they better understand their interrelationship with others and continue to build on their strengths. When children are valued, listened to, encouraged, understood and believed in; they will be successful.

Literacy Lead, Collaborative Response and English as an Additional Language Coordinators

Archbishop Jordan welcomes all students and provides an equal opportunity for all students to achieve success, according to their unique potential, within the context of the most enabling learning environment. ABJ has been working for several years to establish a systematic framework for addressing the needs of students at all levels of development. This framework is called the Collaborative Response Model.

The Literacy Lead, Collaborative Response Coordinators and English as an Additional Language Coordinator, in collaboration with the School Leadership team, provides leadership, assistance, and support in meeting the needs of all students. Major components of supports are:

  • identification and assessment
  • consultation and coordination
  • direct support for student learning needs
  • supporting students in transitioning to ABJ
  • providing strategies to teachers to support student learning and success
  • support teachers in programming for students
  • monitoring student learning needs through Instructional Support Plans
  • co-leading collaborative team meetings as part of the Collaborative Response Model
  • Complete and track ESL language proficiency benchmarks

Specialty Programming

Flexible Pathways Program

For all students, educational practices should be flexible and responsive to their strengths, needs and learning preferences. Flexible Pathways helps create learning experiences to ensure the students with complex learning needs are successful (i.e. students with a diagnosed developmental disability). This program strives to balance our vision and values of inclusive education with interventions and strategies of targeted instruction for our most complex learners.

Our Flexible Pathways program provides a half-day of targeted instruction focused on Literacy, Numeracy, Communication, and Social Skills in a structured, yet flexible environment with experienced teachers giving students the attention and support they need to succeed. Targeted instruction is complemented by inclusive and authentic learning opportunities that allow students to further explore and develop their interests in school environments with peers and appropriate supports.

Flexible Pathways also provides a collaborative structure of support including Educational Assistants, Educational and Behavioural Consultants, Speech-Language Pathologists, Speech-Language Pathology Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Low Vision Consultants and Deaf & Hard of Hearing supports. Please contact the Principal for further information.

Flexible Pathways Programming is also available within our other community schools,  personalized to meet the needs and honour the strengths of each learner. 

Please contact our main reception line: 780-467-8896 and ask to speak to someone from our Inclusive Learning Team or email ilspathways@eics.ab.ca for more information. 


ESL Programming

(English as a Second Language)

ABJ  supports  all  diverse  learners  within  an  inclusive classroom  setting.  Through  differentiated  instruction, our classroom teachers support the learning needs of all learners. All identified English as an Additional Language (EAL) are assessed yearly with the Alberta Education G9- 12 ESL Proficiency Benchmarks to determine their level of English language proficiency. Language proficiency supports teachers in programming instruction for EAL learners. Furthermore,  ABJ  offers  specialized  English  language option classes for EAL learners to support them in their language acquisition.


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