ABJ Advanced Placement Programs

What is Advanced Placement?

  • AP is a High School enrichment program run through the College Board which offers students University-level material in High School


  • The College Board is a national nonprofit membership association whose mission is to prepare, inspire, and connect students to college and opportunity. It supports academic preparation and transition to higher education for students around the world through the ongoing collaboration of its member schools, colleges, universities, educational systems, and organizations. 


What are the Benefits of the Program?

  • allows students to study one or more subjects at an advanced level, depending upon the individual student’s interests and expertise 
  • provides enrichment and challenge for academically talented and well-motivated students 
  • helps students develop and practice higher order thinking skills
  • assists with transitioning from high school to post-secondary studies 
  • helps students prepare for scholarship examinations and AP College Board examinations 
  • provides students with an opportunity to earn university credits, standing and/or placement while in high school.


Who should take AP Classes? 

To be successful, students should have the following characteristics:

  • enjoy a challenge
  • have a well-developed work ethic
  • be self-disciplined and self-motivated
  • be motivated to achieve
  • find learning stimulating and exciting
  • have parental support and approval.

What AP Courses are offered at Archbishop Jordan? 



  • Language Arts 9AP
  • English 10-1 AP
  • English 20-1 AP
  • *English 30-1 AP (AP Literature and Composition)


  • Math 9AP
  • Math 10 AP
  • Math 20-1 AP
  • *Math 30-1/31 (AP Calculus) Full Year Program


  • Science 9AP
  • Science 10AP
  • *Biology 20/30 AP (AP Biology) Full Year Program


* These courses offer the option to write the AP Exam in May.


For more information, please contact: Fiona Wimmer (fiona.wimmer@eics.ab.ca) (780) 467-2121 ext.1040