Our Faith

Religious Education

All students attending Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School are required to register in, attend and successfully complete Religious Education classes for each year that they are in our school. 

High school students who have not acquired or are actively enrolled in nine credits in the Religious Education program will not be allowed to participate in the commencement and banquet portions of the Grade 12 Graduation Ceremonies.

All students enrolled in Religious Studies courses will be expected to participate in community services projects to fully live their faith in action. 

The direction of Student and Staff Formation (Faith, Curriculum, and Wellness) coordinates the Division's religious education and health and life skills programs supporting integration into all curricula. This area works closely with religious leaders, students, staff, and families to ensure EICS is providing quality Catholic education. 


School Chaplains - Ms. Lindsay Fichter & Ms. Anita Lakusta

Archbishop High School is very fortunate to have a team of school Chaplains. Services for our learning community are provided in the areas of spiritual leadership, counseling, retreats, daily prayer, justice and peace, and linking to the local parishes. If you are looking for opportunities to get involved at the church, whether it be in the youth group or volunteering, come chat with them in room 137/185.

For more information contact our Chaplains at 780-467-2121 ext. 1360 or lindsay.fichter@eics.ab.ca or anita.lakusta@eics.ab.ca


Faith in Action

At Archbishop Jordan High School, we recognize that we should not just seek to learn about our Catholic faith, but also to experience it! We have many opportunities for students to experience their faith through prayer and faith develpment and we encourage them to do so through the Christian Action Hours project.

Every year, students are called upon to choose an opportunity that Archbishop Jordan School offers to further them in their faith journey and this counts as 10% of their Religion grade. The opportunities range from volunteering, to attending retreats, youth nights, or Faith Peps. There are also oppportunities for students to develop their faith on their own time through a mass journal, a prayer journal, or the exploration project. To learn more, speak to your religion teacher or our religion department lead, Mr. Joly.