Outdoors and Fitness

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Education 9

Through various activities students will learn preparation skills for outdoor adventures as well as the effects of urban development on nature and wildlife.  Course topics inlcude Aquatics, Outdoor Skills, Ecology, Safety and Planning.

Outdoor Education 10, 20, and 30 are module based courses in Career and Technology Studies, that will inspire students to create a personal connection with the wilderness, that will provide education to ensure students will have the opportunity to understand and appreciate the importance of the natural world, and give students the power to take action in preserving and conserving our wild places.

Outdoor Education 10 (5 credits)

Through hands on activities students will learn how their own lives are linked to wildlife and wild areas through topics such as: Survival Skills, Outdoor Experiences, Wildlife, Bears, Stewardship, and Tourism.

Course Fee: $250.00

Outdoor Education 20 (6 Credits)

Through problem based learning, students will be challenged to critically evaluate current issues of sustainability, resource management, and conservation in Alberta. Students will explore different concepts of recreation, adventure, ecotourism, environmental standards, and wildlife interaction through topics such as: Outdoor Experiences 2, Wolves, Birds of Prey, Wildlife Management, and Outdoor Skills Cooking.

Prerequisites: Outdoor education 10

Course Fee: $275.00

Outdoor Education 30 (5 credits)

Students will have fun and be inspired to want to learn more about Alberta wilderness and to get out there to make their own personal connections with Alberta's wild areas through topics such as: Avalanche Awareness, Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding, Wildlife Interactions, Wildlife Stewardship, Ecotourism, and Fishing.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Fee: $295.00

AFLCA Certified Fitness Leader

This course gives students interested in pursuing fitness and health as a career, the opportunity to learn and experience the role of a fitness leader.  Students will have the opportunity to obtain AFLCA Certification upon completion.  

CTS topics include exercise theory such as anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, training and conditioning, leadership basics, and nutrition, as well as specialized practical areas such as group exercise, resistance training, personal training, aquatic exercise fitness for the older adult, pilates and yoga.