ABJ Religion

Religious Studies 9 - Be With Me

The Grade 9 program assists young people in understanding both the joy and the demands of following in the way of Christ and living out the faith that our community professes in the Creed. Using the Beatitudes as a touchstone, young people are invited to examine the attitudes and actions that characterize the Christian life. They are encouraged to understand and nurture within themselves the virtues which will enable them to deepen their relationship with God in and through Christ in the context of a spirit-filled community.

Religions Education 15 - Christ in Culture

One of the primary needs of young people is to experience a sense of belonging. In seeking to belong, it is important to explore the values of the community so that these values become convictions that are embraced and shared with others. This course is intended to help students:
• identify that belonging is a fundamental need
• recognize the importance of belonging as it relates to Church history
• realize that belonging to a community demands something of us: a respect for life, living a moral life, and service

Religious Education 25 - Christology

“The objectives of the courses in religious studies are to provide an opportunity to experience a number of cultural, historical and contemporary issues from a religious point of view, and through the study of religion as a separate  discipline to develop a philosophy based upon values conducive to ethical and moral behavior and reflected in an understanding of human worth.”

Religious Education 35 - Religions of the World: A Catholic Perspective (3 credits) 

“The objectives of the courses in religious studies are to provide an opportunity to experience a number of cultural, historical and contemporary issues from a religious point of view, and through the study of religion as a separate discipline to develop a philosophy based upon values conducive to ethical and moral behavior and reflected in an understanding of human worth.”

or  Religious 35 - In Search of the Good (5 credit)

Students will explore ethical and moral guides for living and learn that the major life decisions of a disciple of Christ must flow from a living relationship of love with the Lord and the wisdom acquired through that relationship. They will focus on making moral and ethical decisions based on Truth through the philosophical works of people such as Kant, Aquinas, Plato and Aristotle.





Leadership 15/25/35

Prerequisite: None for Leadership 15 and Recommendation that Leadership 15 is completed prior to entering leadership 25 or 35. Acceptance into higher levels without Leadership 15 will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.

Leadership introduces students to using 21st century skills in practical experience though school, community and international projects. Building on personal and professional development will empower youth throughout their careers and lives in all fields of study and work. Students will find innovative ways to think creatively and problem solve while innovating the school. Collaboration and communication with school, family, and community groups are central to the implementation of projects that use the following:

  • Information Literacy
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Productivity and Accountability
  • Media Literacy
  • ICT Literacy
  • Initiative and Self Direction
  • Social and Cross-cultural Integration
  • Leadership and Responsibility

Leadership & Community Group


ABJ Community Group 

The ABJ Community Group is an energetic group of students dedicated to supporting and volunteering for various local charities and causes in and around our community. If you are an organization looking for volunteers or support, or a student looking for volunteer opportunities, feel free to contact Mr. Hurtubise at or by phone at 780-467-2121 Ext. 1320. 


In keeping with a strong tradition of leadership programming,
Archbishop Jordan has enabled students to participate in many exciting opportunities this year.

Upon their arrival in the fall, students assisted with many of the events for our opening week. They provided tours of our state-of-the-art facilities for visiting dignitaries, coordinated a parade during our opening ceremonies celebrations, and brought excitement and cheer to the whole school populace.

On Halloween, leadership students organized an exciting event which appealed to the fun loving video-gamer in all of us. The Halloween dance provided an activity for students getting too old for trick-or-treating, but still too young to give up the creative fun of spooky costumes and games.

Over the holiday season ABJ took part in our second annual Geomeer - Helping Hampers campaign. This year’s campaign saw 4 truckloads of household goods donated to 3 families in our Catholic community. This initiative sought to provide these families with food and supplies for 3 months; displaying our school’s Christian spirit by providing some relief for community members at a time of year when financial resources can often be strained.

What does the future hold for leadership?

March 15th - One! Fast. ABJ leadership, student council, and community group students are going to put together a 24 hour event to raise awareness and pledges for children and families in India through One! International's Step and emergency funds.

April 11th - YOLO conference. "You Only Lead On" provides ABJ's student council the opportunity to host a one day junior high youth conference for students in both the public and catholic school systems. This conference will host 2 speakers and breakout sessions relating to transitioning to high school through Leadership.

The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt, now in its 11th year, is an exciting way for leadership students to gain vital experience working with the community and school to raise student engagement and school spirit in the month of May.

We look forward to having these exciting events take place in our school and community. They offer students opportunities to strengthen their leadership abilities while creating wonderful memories of their ABJ experience.