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ABJ Terry Fox Run Sept 24 Please Donate!

Yes it's that time of year again and ABJ is proud to be running our annual Terry Fox Run on Tuesday, September 24.  There will be a brief assembly in the large gym at 12:30pm and then the run begins at approx. 1:00pm.  Our totals have been climbing over the years!

2014 - $1900.00, 2015 - $3400.00,   2016 - $5400.00,  2017 - $4928.00, 2018 - $7200.00 thanks to our generous school community.  Our goal this year is to top $8000.00 and have a great time doing it but we need your support!

The course will be a 3.9 km walking path south of ABJ.  It's great due to no traffic or busy roads.  Please join us to either walk or run the course with our students!


  • Use the link below to donate online
  • Bring in cash or a cheque to your Block 3 Day 2 teachers.
  • Cheques can be made out to the Terry Fox Foundation

Check out the link below and thank you again for your support of this great cause!

All Parents, Guardians and family members are welcome to join us!


ABJ Terry Fox Donation Web Site


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