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ABJ Locker Item Pick-Up-NOW CLOSED

NOW CLOSED - ABJ Locker Item Pick Up


Event Code:  35mp7

ABJ students may book a time to come to the school and pick up items from their locker (as well as their gym locker) on March 18 and 19 in small groups.  We are asking students to clean out their locker and leave it open to assist us with cleaning.  

Students are only allowed in the school for a maximum of 10 minutes and will only be allowed to come in during their booked time.  Students are asked to only come in if they are healthy, otherwise, send someone else in to the school to do your pick up.

Students can pick up the following items:

  • Locks (keep it for when you return to school)
  • All items in their locker (left empty)
  • All items in their PE locker (left empty)
  • Instrument for band from the band room
  • Grad wear in room 211 (if you have ordered)
  • Art portfolios in Common Area
  • Art projects from room 164
  • Fashions projects from room 163
  • Creative Textile Arts - Embroidery package, room 163
  • Cos 20/30 students hair cutting mannequin pickup
  • Key study guides (in the office if you have ordered)

Students are asked not to seek out teachers during this time as we would like to ensure proper social distancing procedures for both student and teacher safety. 

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