ABJ Culinary Now on Facebook!

The ABJ Culinary Arts page is up an running on Facebook!  We will be posting our daily specials, “pop up” meals as well as promoting our coffee cards, meal cards etc.Here’s the link:

Cafeteria News

If you want to enjoy the cafeteria, but don't want to wait in line for debit or carry cash, come purchase a meal card.  They are 20$ and can be purchased at the cafeteria.

The $20 meal card was an immediate success. We now have an additional $20.00 coffee card with a free coffee attached to the card.

The Cafeteria Students and staff are engaged in an Apprenticeship Model. The Culinary Art set of courses are approved by Alberta Education in conjunction with Alberta Apprenticeship. The students are involved in courses which are related to industrial cooking leading to career opportunities in the hospitality industry. An astute student taking all the available CKA courses could be in a position to challenge the first year apprenticeship on completion of high school. The students in the cafeteria are active in pursuit of learning valuable life and real world skills. The students engage in varied cooking skills as well as a 7 week rotating menu that covers all the requirements for first year apprenticeship and beyond. The school cafeteria provides nutritious food choices for the school community at breakfast and lunch. This semester the students are engaged in working off the campus delivering food services to customers in the church, in private homes and in other schools. The students will also be creating food products for events such as the Mayor’s Battle of Strathcona Chefs on November 1st. On October 10th the students will have already completed a food service At OLPH. On the evening of October 26th we will cater an event for 60 guests in the school. In November we have an in home entertainment event at Pretty Hill in Camrose County Some of the students will engage in the Alberta Chef Educators Christmas gingerbread competition early in December. On Dec 2nd we have an event for 150 to cater in the school. The students will cater a lunch event at OLPH for 150 on December 6th As students help to prepare for events or help serve at them they earn course credits attached to practical outcomes or work experience. The students are kept busy in the kitchen and hopefully some of them will eventually become leaders in the hospitality industry where work is plentiful and lifelong learning endless with lots of intrinsic rewards. The Culinary Art students at ABJ work in an industrial kitchen which is endowed with first class industrial equipment providing an opportunity for the student to be prepared to enter the workforce with adequate knowledge of an industrial layout and with an awareness of work expectations.