Cafeteria News and Monthly Menu

If you want to enjoy the cafeteria, but don't want to wait in line for debit or carry cash, come purchase a meal card.  They are 20$ and can be purchased at the cafeteria.

The $20 meal card was an immediate success. We now have an additional $20.00 coffee card with a free coffee attached to the card.

News this week

 Friday, Feb 24th some of the grade 11 & 12 Culinary art students are travelling to Camrose to cook a BBQ for 100 guests.  This is part of a practicum apprentice culinary art course.
On Friday David Ripplinger helped to cook a chicken pasta meal for 70 guests at the school as part of one of his courses.
On March 11th the grade 11& 12 students will be helping to cook & serve a dinner for the French immersion programs in EICS, the event for 300 guests
plus is taking place at ABJ.
One lucky person won the culinary art students presence in their home to cook a meal for 10 guests in April this was a promotion in conjunction with the local Knights of Columbus at their fundraising auction. Our students will gain valuable practical experience by catering this event & all others.

The Culinary Arts Program is designed for students interested in developing sound culinary principles and quality food production. This curriculum focuses more on the industrial side of cooking. The brand new, state-of-the art kitchen is fully equipped with the finest appliances, like those found in the most modern cooking and eating establishments. The culinary arts program is for those students who may be interested in pursuing a career in the Food service industry upon completion of High School or for those with a passion for cooking and baking.